Simpletrack MD

HIPAA/HITECH compliant
Patient Billing Tracker

App Overview

Simpletrack MD - Enterprise System Features

Designed by doctors for doctors

Simple and Practial

One screen operation for keeping track of services performed for patients in a hospital setting.


All data for Simpletrack MD are stored on HIPPA/HITECH compliant secure networks.

Multiple Hospital Ready

Support for multiple hospitals and doctors by central administrator or nurse station.


Export data to use with existing backend medical billing systems.

Flexible Reporting

Ability to report by hospital, doctors, patients, date range, billing code and more.

Universal Support

Avaible on both iOS, Android, Windows desktop and web-based versions.

How does it Work?

One Screen Use = Practical Tracking

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Designed by doctors. Simple and Practical.

  • One handed operation
  • Patients by hospital
  • Billing codes by insurance
  • Multiple doctor support
  • Photos and audio memos
  • Reporting by criteria
  • Export billing records
  • Enterprise desktop software
  • Web-based account manager
  • HIPPA and HITECh compliant


SimpleTrackMD is free for use by all doctors and hospitals.

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